Active Release Technique (ART ® )

Active Release Technique (ART ® ) is a patented therapy used to treat soft tissues: muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves to break down fibrous and scar tissue restoring function, elasticity, performance while alleviating pain and speeding recovery, especially in longstanding conditions. Over time, muscles and other

soft tissues that are overused experience changes that mimic the effects of trauma, resulting in scar or fibrous tissue formation, causing loss of elasticity and function as well as diminished oxygen delivery (hypoxia). Nerves can become entrapped causing additional problems. The doctor can assess the dynamic relationships between the muscles, fascia, and nerves in the area of injury.

An ART ®treatment involves the doctor using hands to detect areas of tightness, tension, and texture changes. Abnormal tissues are treated using a combination of specific, active patient movements while placing the tissues under precise tension. . By selectively and specifically breaking down these areas of tough, dense scar tissue, pain is reduced, circulation improved, and function restored.