Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that has stood the test of time for its ability to treat many types of conditions and disorders. At its most basic, it involves the insertion of very thin, single use, pre-sterilized stainless steel needles through the skin. This process stimulates local changes such as increased circulation and altered chemical messaging that reduces pain, decreases swelling, and stimulates healing. As local nerves are activated regularly with acupuncture, the treatments can promote the enhanced production of the body’s natural painkillers, the endorphins, to create longer periods of pain relief. Side effects are minimal to none, making it a natural choice for health care providers.

Acupuncture historically is one of many tools used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Points to be treated are selected based on an understanding of how energy (Qi, pronounced chi) moves through the body to promote health and resilience. It is believed that an imbalance, blockage, or inappropriate level of the flow of qi creates pain, dysfunction, or illness. Acupuncture needles are inserted into selected points to promote qi to flow in a harmonious and balanced manner through the body.