Contemporary Medical Acupuncture (CMA) was developed by Alejandra Elorriaga Claraco, M.D. (Spain), Sports Medicine Specialist (Spain). It can be extremely effective to promote healing from injuries and/or surgeries, improve function and firing for inactive muscles, increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body as well as reduce restrictions from built up scar tissue.

What is the Difference Between TCM and Medical Acupuncture?

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, also described as Neurofunctional Acupuncture is different from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is provided by a Registered Acupuncturist. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is based on the belief that an energy, or ‘life force’, flows through the body in channels called meridians. Practitioners who adhere to ancient beliefs about acupuncture believe that when Qi cannot flow freely through the body, this can cause illness. Whereas, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is provided by a manual therapist such as; registered massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and/or osteopaths, with additional training. This type of acupuncture, utilizes painless needling techniques to stimulate peripheral nerves in the body to then induce a physiological change on the nervous system and effectors for therapeutic purposes.

When would CMA be indicated?

The main clinical applications for contemporary acupuncture is the treatment of pain of musculoskeletal and visceral origin. The treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction and the treatment of symptoms associated with abnormal autonomic nervous system activity and/or endocrine dysfunction such as:

  1. Acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems with pain and dysfunction
  2. Acute and chronic pain of visceral origin
  3. Reversible functional disturbances of the viscera such as some of the symptoms and physiological disturbances commonly associated with cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal problems, respiratory and gynecological problems etc.

What if I do not know if CMA will help myself?

Book an appointment with Jen Norman RMT, BKin, CSCS and she will perform a full functional assessment prior to any treatment to ensure that you receive the most appropriate service for your needs.