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After several years in the workforce, Aimée realized she craved more one-on-one work in which she could achieve meaningful improvement in other’s quality of life. She decided to pursue massage therapy and graduated from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching clinic in 2011. In her clinical work, Aimée is keenly interested in helping her clients by providing a nurturing approach centered around clients’ goals. Her continuing education includes dynamic postural assessment, hot stone massage therapy, and palliative care in massage. Along with her colleagues at Therapy Lounge, Aimée looks forward to ensuring you receive the highest possible quality of treatment.

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Our Fall theme is TLC for the TMJ!

Our jaw is the TemporoMandibular Joint -TMJ for short. The TMJ forms a hinge (one on each side of the face). This hinge allows for absolutely essential activities: talking, eating, and drinking! Because we use the TMJ all the time, it can be prone to wear, tear, and abuse. Even at “rest” many of us […]

Child’s Pose Stretch

Child’s Pose is known as “Balasana” in Yoga [bala= child, asana =posture]. It’s easy to underestimate both the challenge and the opportunity of this simple pose. If you’ve been to a yoga class, you may know Child’s Pose as a resting posture – something provided as option when you need a break. Labeling something as […]

Hot Stone Massage

Throughout history, heated and chilled stones have been used by a wide variety of cultures for healing purposes. The practice of using stones can be traced back to China, Egypt, and Hawaii. They have been used by spas from North America to Japan with most cultures employing the therapeutic heating of stones as part of […]