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Prenatal Care.

Heartbeats. Prenatal Care

“Heartbeats” uniquely designed treatments are formulated to relax, treat specific individual needs and nurture you during this special time.

At Therapy Lounge we believe that what’s good for mama is good for baby too, so we use only the finest and purest treatment oils that are safest for your skin. The wonderful Prego pillows used in “Heartbeats” properly support our pregnant clients – allowing them to lie comfortably and safely in the traditional side lying position for their treatment. All of our electric treatment tables tilt, allowing mama to be seating in an incline position for their head, neck, shoulder and arm Massage, as well as their Reflexology treatment.

Heartbeats. Prenatal Care near me

Divine Mama

Immerse yourself in the calming properties of Lavender or Ylang Ylang to promote peaceful sleep and ease feelings of tension while receiving a nurturing full-body massage treating all of your specific individual needs. Safe for pregnancy and nursing.

Blissed Out Mama

This package combines our nurturing DIVINE MAMA full body massage enhanced with reflexology pressure points on the hands and feet – the ultimate relaxing Baby Body experience that will leave you truly blissed out!

During your massage, additional specialized techniques work reflexes in the feet and hands – to improve the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids and promote deep relaxation.

Beneficial at any stage, BLISSED OUT MAMA is an especially pampering treatment near the end of your pregnancy journey!

Dreamy Mama

This ultimate treatment combo is a trip to Cloud Nine! A nurturing DIVINE MAMA full body massage. But wait – there’s more: the added benefit of lymphatic drainage massage techniques to relieve swelling of the joints and soft tissue. This is often experienced in later pregnancy due to water retention and reduced circulation, caused by the pressure of a growing uterus on the major blood vessels of the abdomen. Lymphatic drainage flushes out tissue waste carried by the body’s lymph system.

DREAMY MAMA is the ideal time-out from the hectic pace of your everyday life and is especially recommended for mid and late term moms-to-be. Sweet dreams!

Serene Mama

A delightful duo of our nurturing DIVINE MAMA full body massage with our Serenity essential oil blend and the healing hands of reiki –  treating the mind, body and spirit to help restore a sense of positivity and wellbeing.

During your massage, additional specialized techniques and hand sweeps will be performed, some resting on the body (over blankets) and some hovering just above the body to allow the energy to flow most effectively. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the body’s natural field, through the Chakras charging them with positive energy.

The complementary pairing of these two popular treatments will leave moms-to-be simply serene, experiencing deep relaxation, and a sense of peaceful calm.

**For mamas in their first trimester essential oils will be avoided.
**Alternative essential oils can be substituted for those listed.
**Consult approval with your medical provider should you have any questions or concerns.
HST not included.