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Breathe Right + Diaphragmatic Release

By Jenna Linton R.Kin, DOMP Breathing is something we do every single day, without even thinking about it. Our breath is the key to life, sending oxygen to our muscles and brains in order for us to do everything. Breathing is also an amazing way to slow the sympathetic nervous system, heart rate and lessen […]

Registered Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a field that is expanding and has become regulated in Ontario. A session with a Registered Kinesiolgist can include components of soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, stretching, and strengthening techniques. The Kinesiologist will work with your goals in mind, rehabilitating chronic or acute injuries, increasing flexibility and range of motion, or strengthening specific […]

It’s Summer, Are you a Runner?

Nala and TL’s little buddy Reese enjoying a run in the sun and sand Summer is here! With the sun beaming down and the skies bright and blue, it is the perfect time for runners to dust off their running shoes. The warm weather is a great excuse to get your daily dose of exercise […]