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Summer Recipe: Rosemary & Pear Spritzer

Perfect for patio season, this Rosemary & Pear Spritzer is a great alcohol-free* alternative to wine spritzers and is so amazing for your tummy. Made with water kefir – a probiotic-rich beverage which creates a balance of healthy gut flora and strengthens your digestion, this spritzer is light, bubbly and delicious.

Basic water kefir is made by dropping water kefir grains (which are not really grains at all but a symbiotic culture of bacteria) into sugar water and allowing it to ferment at room temperature for 24-48hrs. The grains (which look like small, clear jellies) can be used over and over indefinitely, and usually multiply, allowing them to be passed on to others.

I used this basic water kefir recipe by Marni Wasserman after attending her Fermenting 101 Workshop a couple of months back.

Water Kefir

1 lite water
¼ cup cane sugar, unrefined, raw sugar or Sucanat
2 teaspoons water kefir grains (I got mine from Marni but you can purchase your own or ask around and see if a friend has some on-the-go)


-Pour room temperature water into a 1.5 litre mason jar, leaving approximately 1 inch of space from the top. You need to leave some head space because pressure will build natural carbonation.

-Add the sugar and stir until combined.

-Once sugar has completely dissolved, add 2 teaspoons of grains.

-Lightly place lid on jar and let sit at room temperature for 24-48hrs.

-Strain grains and set aside.

-Flavour water kefir with fruit and herbs – see my recipe below.

You can store your used grains in a glass jar in the fridge and continue to reuse them over and over again. Just be sure to add double the amount of water than grains.

*The alcohol content in water kefir is very low – well below 1% which is less than overripe fruit.

Rosemary & Pear Spritzer

1 ½ cups prepared water kefir
1½ cups coconut water
2 firm but ripe pears, 1 cored and thinly sliced and the other cored and cut into quarters
1 lemon, peeled, seeded and halved
1-2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
ice cubes


-Add water kefir, coconut water, lemon and quartered pear in blender.

-Blend on high until smooth.

-Strain mixture through a nut milk bag into a 1 litre glass pitcher or mason jar, add spring of rosemary and allow to chill for 1hr.

-After mixture is chilled. Fill four glasses ¼ full with ice. Pour mixture over ice and add pears slices for garnish.

MWH Tip: If you’re not planning to drink the Rosemary & Pear Spritzer immediately you can seal the mixture in a mason jar and leave at room temperature for another day or refrigerate for a up to a week. After a week it usually looses it’s fizz.

Other delicious combinations include: Cucumber and Basil; Watermelon and Mint; Pomegranate and Orange Slices.By Melissa Macchione, RHN

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