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A Summer Scare: The Headstand

Approach this with a spirit of play and adventure. TURN STRESS INTO CHALLENGE and let it become your attitude.

Have a scary fun time upside down with these below steps on mastering the perfect handstand.

IMG 0031

The Handstand

A: Measure the length of your legs with keeping your hip touching the wall and then place your palm where your heels are. Walk up the wall and then try to come to a 90 degree angle to hold.

IMG 0032

B: Keep your knees bent and then try to lift one hand off the floor, looking at the floor. Then alternate hands.


C: Kick one leg up and then let the other leg follow it up against the wall.


D: Bunny hop to handstand. Try to make your legs straight!

Note: It is important to warm up the muscles prior to performing these movements. This can be done by taking a warm shower or by doing circular rotations in both directions to your wrists, shoulders and hips.

Caution: If you experience pain during any of these movements please STOP performing the movement.

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