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Summer Recipe: Strawberry Chia Jam

What you’ll need:

1 pint fresh strawberries

¼ cup pure maple syrup, honey, agave or Sucanat, more or less to taste

2 tbsp whole chia seeds

What to do:

Clean and cut strawberries into halves, removing stems.

Set a medium saucepan over low-medium heat and add the strawberries and sweetener. Start with just a little sweetener as you can always add more later on.

Heat fruit until it begins to liquefy – approx. 5 to 15 minutes.

Stir occasionally.

Allow the fruit to come to a boil, and let it continue to boil until it begins to break down and form a consistency you are satisfied with – approx. 5 minutes.

Taste jam and add more sweetener if needed. Add a tablespoon at a time until you hit the right sweet note for your liking.

Stir in the chia seeds and let simmer for 1 minute.

Stir once more and remove from heat.

Let cool until jam thickens – approx. 10mins.

To store, place in a mason jar or any airtight jar or container

Jam can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks or in the freezer for up to two months. Enjoy on whole grain toast with your favourite nut butter or ghee (I like Lee’s Ghee) or crackers with cheez (I like Wood and Water)

MWH Tip: If the jam it too thin for your liking, simply add 1 or 2 teaspoons of chia seeds, stir, and let sit for another 10 minutes. Keep in mind that the jam will continue to thicken as it cools.

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