The Piriformis Stretch

Pain in the butt at work? Then this stretch is for you. The piriformis muscle attaches at the front of the side of the sacrum (tail bone), and then travels down and out to the top of the femur. It’s actions vary depending on the position of the leg relative to the hip. It is […]

Strengthen your feet: Toe Crunches

Another important facet in the health of the feet is the strength of the smaller muscles that control the toes, as well as support the arch and aid in complicated motion of the ankle. Working each of these muscles individually would quickly become an exercise in patience so it is best done as a group. […]

Calves & Feet: The Stair Stretch

Together, the Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles form the bulk of the calf. The Gastroc’s begins on both sides of the back of the knee while the Soleus begins attached to the outside of the back of the Tibia. They both then merge into the Achilles tendon and descend along the back of the heel. When […]