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Strengthen your feet: Toe Crunches

Another important facet in the health of the feet is the strength of the smaller muscles that control the toes, as well as support the arch and aid in complicated motion of the ankle. Working each of these muscles individually would quickly become an exercise in patience so it is best done as a group.

So, we present to you The Toe Crunches;

To do this, begin by placing a towel under your feet. Then, gather the towel under your foot using the gripping of your toes; continue until you have as much towel underfoot as possible before resetting the towel and doing it again. Repeating 3-4 times should be sufficient to fatigue the muscles.


If this does not fatigue the muscles consider wetting the towel (or do this after drying off from a shower). This will add density and weight to the towel and can significantly increase the difficulty. If this is still insufficient to fatigue the muscles then discard the towel entirely and instead attempt to crawl forward using only the grip of your toes.

For complete motion you should be able to pull until your toes are nearly curled under your foot. If the toes themselves are not used to this kind of weight bearing it can be very uncomfortable (especially if performing the tow crawl). So please, contract the toes only as far as is comfortable, as the toes become acclimatized more complete motion will become available. Or skip the towel, head to the beach and scrunch your toes in the sand!