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Fall Exercises: Seven Exercises to increase Joint Mobility

As we leave summer behind and head into autumn, we might find ourselves spending more time inside and are less inclined to walk and move. This can lead to stiffness and soreness, especially in the cool morning or after a long session at the computer. Here are some simple joint exercises to keep you supple and moving freely! Set an alarm twice during your work day and get moving. Remember: motion is lotion!

1 – Place feet hip width apart. Put hands on knees and make little circles in a clockwise direction with your knees. 10 clockwise. 10 counter-clockwise to start.

2 – Now place your hands on your hips and bend your knees alternately (left then right), keeping your feet hip width apart and flat on the floor. 10 bends for each knee.

3 – Do ten little hip circles—as if you are working a hula hoop. Ten clockwise and then counter-clockwise

4 – Hands on hips and do a forward bend and circle around. These are big hip circles. Be careful with extension (when you bend back). The joint is meant to extend but we don’t want to do too much, especially if we have existing issues. Start with 10.

5 – Stand loosely with feet still hip width apart. Swing your arms across your body in a loose motion as you twist. The hands may lightly slap your back and opposite hip. (So right hand will be slapping the left hip as the left hand is slapping the right low back.) Keep your feet planted on the ground as you do this so the twist comes from the waist. Start with 20 of these.

6 – Hold your arms out at shoulder height and do small circles clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Again, start with ten.

7 – Last movement is head and neck circles. Ten clockwise and ten counter-clockwise. Keep the shoulders down. Again, be mindful of extension (when the head is back). The joint is meant to move this way but should be done slowly and carefully and not forced.

NOTE: If you are feeling extra stiff try taking a warm epsom salts bath or shower to warm up your muscles prior to these exercises. Move in and out of each exercise carefully. All exercises should be PAIN FREE. If you feel pain during any of these exercises please STOP performing the exercise.

Hopefully these exercises will help relieve any tension you might be feeling in your body this Fall. Please feel free to contact me at Therapy Lounge if you have any questions about these exercises, or if you would like to book a treatment.