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Happy Fall from the Therapy Lounge Team!


Today we enter into a new season. Happy Fall; body, mind and spirit. It’s time for transition. How? By taking care of our bodies inside and out, clearing any clouds from our mind, we allow our true spirit to shine. How will you transition this season into a happier, healthier YOU? Scroll down for a look at our Fall ideas;

-Pain in the butt at work? Then this piriformis stretch is for you
-A warm fall recipe that is yummy for your tummy
-A 6 week New You nutrition workshop
-A Fall discount on Osteopathic Manual Therapy

A lot is happening this fall. Therapy Lounge turns 8! We’re also intergrating a new online booking system and a new LOYALTY referral program. Check out the new TL Team Practitioners. Finally we are excited to sponsor The Beach Group’s Neighbourhood Challenge in support of Centre 55. Come out and support your community.

Our Fall theme is loyalty!


Loyalty is the act of binding yourself to a course of action. Because of your commitment, dedication and loyalty to your own health, Therapy Lounge will be celebrating 8 years on November 1st! The TL team looks forward to many more years of bringing health and happiness to the beach community in our natural comforting atmosphere.

We have grown into a team of 14 diverse and passionate health practitioners that will continue to guide you along your allegiance towards holistic health for your body, mind and spirit. We want to thank you for your loyalty and for continuing to be a part of our journey.