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Fascial Stretch Therapy

You’ve heard the expression that “everything is connected”, well this is especially true when we talk about fascia. Fascia is the most prevalent tissue in the body, surrounding, connecting and invested in every cell, muscle, ligament and tendon, yet it is often the least understood. The health and function of all joints and muscles are a direct result of the condition of our fascia.

“Your fascia reacts to all stress – physical, mental and emotional – by tightening & stiffening. Since fascia covers everything, from all of your organs to the circulatory system, to the brain & nervous system, to the musculoskeletal system and more, your whole body is at risk to react to stress by tightening & stiffening. When your fascia is left unattended to, aging of the body, mind & spirit accelerates, function decreases & quality of life deteriorates.” -Ann & Chris Frederick: Creators of Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™)

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a pain-free, on-table stretching treatment that manipulates and re-aligns our fascia to improve muscle activation and relaxation, and increases flexibility and mobility.

Benefits of FST™

– improved posture, movement & functional ability

– reduction of pain caused by scar tissue, muscle tightness and decreased joint space

– increased relaxation

– improved sports performance

– improved flexibility in first session (cumulative with multiple sessions)

– reduction of injuries from fitness, recreation & sports related activities

– it feels fantastic!

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of FST™, or if you have questions, please contact us to schedule your treatment with Stephanie Yankovich, RMT our certified Fascial Stretch Therapist and RMT.**