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Happy Fall from the Therapy Lounge Team!

Today we welcome Fall. It’s the season when the air turns crisp, leaves fall from the trees and crops are gathered. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors on a cool day by being active raking leaves, exploring hiking trails and picking your own fruits and vegetables at a local farm. There is a lot to love about fall and the TL team can help make this seasonal transition a happy healthy one.

Scroll down for a look at our Fall ideas:

  • Learn what your TMJ is, why it might be clicking, popping and causing headaches and how Massage Therapy can be a big help
  • A TMJ Self Test and a soothing Self-Care technique
  • A Fall Stretch: The Sternocleidomastoid. What is this muscle? Why does it matter?
  • A crunchy feel-good Fall Recipe
  • We welcome RMT Peter Nassif to the team
  • Collaborating with local beach health & fitness expert Tony D’Assisi. Megan tried out the VASPER fitness technology exclusively at Bodysculpt.