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More wishes made by Horizon Martial Arts for the Children’s Wish Foundation!!


Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 3.49.31 PM

Lisa, Megan and Sensei Mark

On Saturday June 30th Horizon Martial Arts held their 15th annual SPAR-A-THONfor The Children’s Wish Foundation.

To date Horizon Martial has raised over $57,000!!

A big congrats to Sensei Mark and team HMA for a fun day filled with sweat, spirit and sparring for a great cause. Kids helping kids! A big shout out to Lisa Apap and Macquarie for their generosity. Therapy Lounge and clients helped raise $1065!!

JOY is a wonder drug. Happiness heals! Every smile, every moment of joy can raise the spirit – and strength – of a seriously ill child.

Magic wands don’t make wishes come true, it’s people like you who do!

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