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Just like the seasons, our team continues to transition naturally. We welcome RMT Jennifer Norman to the TL team!


Jennifer graduated from Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy after completing a Bachelor of Science Kinesiology Degree from Mcmaster University, as well as earning her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) in 2017 to work with high level athletes.

Initially, Jennifer mainly focused on her career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and wanted to pursue Massage Therapy to improve her understanding of the human body/ rehabilitation. After completing the program she discovered Massage Therapy was an incredibly rewarding career that complimented her passion for training and healthy living.

Her background includes an extensive understanding of many sports; competing in gymnastics, alpine ski racing, swimming, running herself as well as coaching soccer, swimming, rugby, football, basketball and cross country running athletes.

Jennifer’s belief when it comes to the human body is that it is meant to move and a lifetime of being static causes more long term issues than good. The combination of exercise and massage therapy can be an incredibly powerful tool to help maintain and improve your bodies various functions.

Her massage techniques/ approach depends on the needs of the patient. As deep intense pressure is appropriate and/or preferred by some patients while at other times alternative gentler techniques are best for the situation. After completing a short interview, a treatment plan will be created and with an open line of communication, an effective treatment will be performed to address any physical, mental or maintenance concerns the patient may be faced with.

Jennifer will be able to clarify any questions you may have in regards to increasing your performance in sports or health status with her in depth knowledge of the human body and her various experiences working as a trainer.

Starting in January:
Monday 3:15pm – 9:15pm
Wednesday 3:15pm – 9:15pm

Starting in the Spring:
Friday 3:15pm – 9:15pm

Learn more about Registered Massage Therapy and how Jennifer Norman RMT, B.Kin can help!