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Happy Winter from the Therapy Lounge Team

Our winter theme is Warmth

There is a natural instinct to curl up into a ball and hibernate during the darkest and coldest season of the year. Well, we are not bears. So embrace it and be good to yourself. Keep your internal fire going all winter long with a few Winter tips to keep you happy, healthy and warm this season.


Massage Therapists are very frequently requested to work on tense shoulders. Even though tense and troublesome shoulders help keep us in business, we’d rather have you feeling better.

So many activities of daily living have a tendency to encourage the shoulders to elevate (move upwards towards the ears). Holding cellphones up to our ears, computer work, carrying shoulder bags all tend to do it. For many of us, our shoulders get “stuck” in this upward position. Our connective tissue adapts to the shape of long-held postures, further creating a feeling of rigidity, and resultant pains.

Stretching and postural awareness can be just the ticket, but here’s one thing you may not have thought of: Dress warmly in the Winter!

Thick, woolen, layered, thermal garments. Scarves, hoods, sweaters, downy coats. These can be your weapons against shoulder tension in the winter. The warmer you are, and the more protected from the elements, the less you’ll you be shrugging unconsciously. Leave the huddling and shivering behind, it’s time to walk warm and at ease in the winter wonderland.