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Spring Cleaning your Body, Mind and Spirit

By Melissa Macchione RHN

Our environment, diet and lifestyles expose us to so many toxins every single day.

Taking the time and energy to safely remove these substances that are capable of causing disease or damage to the body is an important part of long-term health and well being. During a cleanse, the goal is to reduce the amount of toxins going into our bodies and aid the removal of existing toxins. We all come in contact with toxins in our air, water, soil, food, cleaning products, stress and so on. Giving our body a spring break from some of these toxins allows it the time and energy to push out those toxins that have been hibernating all winter long. Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, respiratory conditions, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, PMS, those who have alcohol or sugar addictions, need a metabolic tune up! Spring cleaning your body, mind and spirit is just what you need!

Who should cleanse?

Almost anyone can cleanse gently through adopting a whole foods diet. Cleansing can be as simple as removing a particular item that is abundant in your diet and potentially doing harm, like sugar or alcohol. It can also be as complex as an elimination diet designed to help you determine certain foods allergies or decrease specific ailments. Cleansing offers us an opportunity to reflect on our relationships with certain foods, substances and even our physical and emotional relationships with others. This evaluation helps us determine whether or not these things work positively in our bodies. Wherever you fall in this spectrum, there are amazing benefits of cleansing.

Cleansing doesn’t have to be harsh or complicated. It actually should feel really good. In general, I recommend:

• Eliminating all processed and refined foods such as sugar, flour and vegetable oils
• Eliminating potential allergen foods like gluten, dairy, soy
• Including liver supporting foods such as bitter greens, leafy greens, broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic, and lemon
• Drinking lots of pure water
• Getting out in nature
• Deep breathing exercises
• Daily gentle activities – Walking, Pilates and Yoga
• Massage Therapy
• Reflecting on your experience
• Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs and tobacco
• Eat in a calm and relaxed state
• Chew food thoroughly
• Keep meals simple
• Manage stress

Signs and Symptoms your body is in need of a cleaning:

Poor skin quality, dark circles and bags under the eyes, headaches, Allergies, congestion, aches and pains, female cycle disturbances, unstable emotions, low sex drive, negative mind patterns, fatigue, insomnia, frequent colds, respiratory problems, Irregular bowel movements, poor digestion, weight problems and addictions, just to name a few.

Are you ready to leave all traces of Old Man Winter behind?

Sign-up for your 10-Day Spring Cleanse until May 20th. Included is a detailed 10-Day Meal Plan, easy steps to improve the health and function of your body’s detoxification pathways and two 30-minute sessions with Melissa Macchione, Registered Holistic Nutritionist for only $99 +HST