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The Upward Dog

1 – Lie on your stomach

2 – Lift the chest off the floor and look forward, hands and elbows in front of you on the floor

3 – Pull with the fingers, driving the body forward (Stay here for 5 breaths or continue)

4 – Push the tailbone down and tighten the front of the spine

5 – Pull the fingers again to tighten the back of the spine

6 – Now front and back of the spine are firmed

7 – Maintain this feeling in your upward facing dog (Lengthening of the spine and pulling of the under arms and fingers)

8 – Now take your hands back next to the body off the mat

9 – Bend your back as much as you can without using your hands

10 – Maintain how far you can lift without hands. Hold for 5 breaths (keep those muscles active as you go to the full pose)

11 – Keep that shape (do not bend more), return your hands to the floor underneath your shoulders, toes untucked and lift the hip and knees off the floor

12 – From here do not bend the back more but pull to lengthen again and bring the middle back in

13 – Then add a double legged lunge by dropping your hips to stretch the groins and lengthen the front of the thighs

14 – Squeeze your buttocks

15 – Legs and arms engaged

16 – Pay attention to your breath

17- Slide the neck back and look up if it’s comfortable

18- Hold for 5 to 10 breaths

19- May you be happy, well and healthy 🙂

Note: It is important to warm up the muscles prior to stretching them. This can be done by taking a warm shower or by doing circular hip rotations in both directions.

Caution: If you experience Low Back pain, this stretch should be performed with caution.

All stretches should be PAIN FREE. If you feel pain during any of these stretches please STOP performing the stretch