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Fall in love with Meditation

Wherever you are, you are one with the clouds and one with the sun and the stars you see. You are one with everything. That is more true than I can say, and more true than you can hear. ~Shunryu Suzuki

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Learn to Meditate:

1. Sit comfortably with your spine straight and eyes closed 2. Pay attention to all the sounds you hear from close or far 3. See if you can feel the sounds truly 4. See how you feel in this moment (tired, agitated, in ease, confused, happy, focused or not, cold or hot, etc) 5. Whatever feeling there might be just stay with it as long as it is there 6. Same with the thoughts, whatever thought arises in your sky like a cloud (some more intense than other ones) remain with them as they rise and as they fall and for the duration they are there 7. Do this with each and every thought, feeling (physical or mental) and sound until you realize your true nature 8. Start with 5 minutes and the expand to 15 minutes. (If sitting is difficult try lying down)