Breathe Right + Diaphragmatic Release

By Jenna Linton R.Kin, DOMP Breathing is something we do every single day, without even thinking about it. Our breath is the key to life, sending oxygen to our muscles and brains in order for us to do everything. Breathing is also an amazing way to slow the sympathetic nervous system, heart rate and lessen […]

Autumn Stretch: Triceps brachii

By Megan Evans RMT, CRHP Autumn brings crisp air, scarves, socks and leaves piling up on your front lawn. Raking gives us the perfect opportunity to get outside, get some fresh air, and get in a workout — all at the same time, not to mention that your yard will look great when you’re done. […]

Abs of Steel

Warm weather is here which means more time spent outside running, cycling and playing around with friends and family. But with an increase in activity there is also an increased likelihood of you hurting your body, specifically your low back. One of the best ways to avoid getting hurt and staying strong all summer long […]

Winter Exercise: T Spine Mobility

By Jennifer Norman RMT, B.Kin, CSCS With the cold weather coming in we are more likely to stay inside and significantly decrease our activity levels. Unfortunately when we don’t move, our body will become stiff and weak, making it more difficult to complete daily tasks. This is especially relevant as this is the season of […]

Fall Stretch: A FULL BODY Stretch

By Megan Evans RMT, CRHP Check out my 20 minute FULL BODY head to toe Stretch on YouTube. Click the link here: FULL BODY STRETCH ROUTINE NOTE: As with any stretch, if you feel any pain at any point please discontinue the stretch. This can cause damage to your muscles. First warm up with a shower or […]